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Tips For High School Senior Boy Portrait Sessions
16.12.2016 01:22
The end of summer is the time many soon-to-be high school seniors consider getting their senior portraits taken. Photographing seniors is somewhat different than photographing a wedding, newborn or family. The following is a list of tips for new photographers entering this market.

1. Provide the senior information regarding how to prepare for a photo shoot. Many seniors have never had a professional portrait taken outside of their yearly school portrait. Even if they have had yearly family portraits taken, often it was their parents who took care of most of the details. As a result most seniors will appreciate information on how to dress, wear make, and deal with glasses for a successful photo shoot. Providing this information is a small detail which will make a significant difference in the quality of images and degree of service the senior perceives.

2. If you are marketing to Senior boys offer a quick inexpensive session. Many of these young men have little interest in investing a significant amount of time and money on photos. In their minds, shorter session may set you apart from the competitors; however, when you space the booking of these sessions leave enough time for a longer session. Many times the boy's mother will come along and ask that he be allowed a longer session.

3. Seniors are looking for images that reflect their personality. Before beginning the shoot, ask them about their personality. Ask them about their interests. Suggest they bring in props that are important to them. The more personalized the images are, the greater will be the emotional attachment. Greater emotional attachment usually translates into larger orders.

4. When posing senior boys (and men in general) ask him to direct him to put his face down a little and his neck forward. This will enhance the strength of his chin.

5. Take a few shots of him while you he is standing and you are squatting. Doing so will make him look stronger and taller.

The senior boy market can be a wonderful opportunity for many photographers. The above tips can make efforts to enter this market more successful.


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