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Sample Resume of a Brand Ambassador
29.01.2017 02:05
It is well-known that a brand ambassador promotes and advertises the products of the company that he/she is associated with. Large and reputed establishments more often seek the services of a celebrity to endorse their products. But there are organizations that hire able and smart people to advertise their products. A career as an ambassador makes an exciting career as the person gets exposure in the media and advertising sector through the brand he promotes. Traditionally he is known as a sales representative as he indirectly helps the organization augment the sales figures by promoting the products and lending them his brand image. When a firm hires a person as a representative of their brand his responsibilities and duties are very different from a celebrity brand ambassador. The concerned person also acts as the spokesperson for the firm, and advertises the products through various techniques. The person who joins as a spokesperson will definitely enjoy being the center of attention and also hog the media limelight. There are no defined qualifications. At the least, you should have a perfect attitude that represents the brand you wish to endorse. The interested person should have a good command over language and should have a high confidence level. Having mastered all the skills, you cannot ignore the importance of a resume in the job interview; an unavoidable part of the candidate hiring process. To help you out with designing the best CV, a sample has been provided below followed by the essential tips on resume writing.Resume Sample

Natalie Simpson

A-12, Galaxy Apt.,

Clemson Street,



Contact no.: 000-123-234

Career Objective

An enthusiastic and experienced person seeks the position of a brand ambassador in an organization that provides a creative and conducive work platform.Skills

Excellent communication, presentation and people dealing skills.

Expertise in marketing concepts and experience of working in various sectors of business.

Effective demonstration skills and ability to work in crises.

Work Experience

I have worked for 1 year (November 2009 to August 2011) as the brand ambassador of Accentuate Wellness Club and was involved in the promotional activities of the firm.

Have worked as brand promoter of Peacock Services from January 2008 to December 2009, also trained the employees in promotional strategies.

Educational Qualifications

Bachelor of management (specialization: Marketing) from Texas State University - 2008.

Schooling from St. John's High School, Texas.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 13th September, 1986.

Marital Status: Unmarried.

Languages known: Command over English, French and German.

Tips on Writing a Good Resume

The language used in the resume should be formal and to the point.

A resume is only used to convey the important details and refrain from mentioning unnecessary details in the resume.

Always proofread the resume before submitting it, as having minor errors in the document can mar your chances and hamper your impression.

Resume being a business document should not include any special designs and should only follow a formal layout.

The objective of the resume is the first line of the resume that catches the attention of the recruiter and so it should be written in a catchy way.

Do not write false information in the document for your best interests. Refrain from mentioning incorrect details in the resume, the recruiter can cross check the details you had mentioned anytime.

The resume should be neatly designed to cover all the important points that are relevant and necessary. More than any other qualification, it is confidence and presentation skills that count. So, all the best!


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